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About International Reimbursement Beacon™

The GIRS International Reimbursement Beacon™ services consolidates and coordinates International and U.S. reimbursement and market access strategies for our clients.  Our experts in technology assessment, outcomes strategies, pricing, market access, and health economics all collaborate to help clients develop solid reimbursement strategies for commercializing new Products in Europe, Canada, South America, Asia, and Australia. Evidence requirements, market launch sequences, and pricing decisions vary from country to country.  Without a guide like The GIRS International Reimbursement Beacon™  team that sheds light on market access requirements and strategies, it can be difficult to navigate stakeholder requirements from country to country.  Our clients are global pioneers in pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, surgical supplies, biosimilars, and diagnostics. We are proud to partner with these companies, and they in turn benefit from leveraging our extensive reimbursement expertise and longstanding relationships with payers and price regulators around the world.

From Shanghai to Brazil and everywhere in between, we bridge the gap between your Product and key stakeholders.

International Reimbursement Beacon™ Services

Research on Global Regulations & Payer Trends

We research regulations and payer requirements to develop a Reimbursement Landscape Report that will serve as a foundation for successful short-term and long-term reimbursement strategies for your Products.

Pricing Studies

We conduct pricing studies and competitor market analysis to help our clients price their Products effectively.

Business Cases

We create evidence-based business cases as templates that can be modified to meet the needs of a number of countries in the E.U., Latin America, and Canada. These highly-adaptable templates also support multi-country reimbursement and pricing strategies.

Stakeholder Research

Conduct stakeholder research using a variety of techniques, including phone-based conferences, face-to-face interviews, and quantitative and qualitative research methods to identify key target markets for your Product. Learn your potential customers’ preferences and opinions, as well as the impact this information would have on your Product’s market access.

Expand Local Relationships

Are you are interested in introducing your Product to a new country or foreign market? GIRS can recommend strategies for developing the key local relationships and resources needed to implement reimbursement strategies.

Product Reimbursement Training

GIRS can train your marketing and distribution staff to negotiate with decision makers in many of the world’s most medically advanced countries and those with the highest health care demands.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

GIRS has the expertise and skills to address the complexities of international HTAs. We guide clients through the daunting process of HTA appraisals and similar evaluations by agencies like the United Kingdom’s NICE or by local or regional formulary committees. Our team of consultants offers these and related services across Europe and beyond, supporting CEPP and CEPS applications in France, KBV Innovation Service filings in Germany, and much more.

Model Development

We develop models for internal use to help our clients explore the real-life impact of their Products. We create “what if” scenarios that illustrate the delicate balance between a client’s commercial objectives and likely market responses. Using clinical trial evidence, we can help you identify those groups of patients and providers for whom your Product has the greatest cost-effectiveness.

Payer Dossiers

We develop payer-specific dossiers based on each payer’s individual requirements. These tailored documents educate payers about our clients’ Products and relevant clinical and economic data.

On the ground in Latin America and Puerto Rico

Our Latin American and Puerto Rican team includes committed medical technology executives with thorough knowledge,
operational experience, and proven success in their regions.

As past regional and country leaders, our Latin American team has hands-on experience in all Latin American and Puerto Rican markets and is intimately familiar with the challenges of the diverse reimbursement systems and practices in Latin America, including Chile.

Team members in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia

Our market access experts in these regions conduct reimbursement landscape assessments, stakeholder research, prepare dossiers, and assist with the implementation of reimbursement strategies.

These team members are global leaders with proven experience in the pharmaceutical, biologics, and medical device industries. Their expertise spans government relations, negotiations, stakeholder management, and training. Our track record for overcoming government and payer funding hurdles is strong and established.

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