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Empower your accounts’ billing teams with the GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™ Support

Global Integrated Reimbursement Services, Inc., (GIRS) has over 13 years of experience designing and operating the GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™ services with dedicated expert staff to handle your accounts’ most complicated reimbursement questions.

We can provide our clients and their customers with a full range of reimbursement hotline services, including answering reimbursement questions, providing prior authorization and claims appeals guidance, and conducting benefit verifications and policy research to help facilitate claims payment and ensure patient access to therapies.

Customized / Specialized Reimbursement Hotline Services

  • Case management to identify insurance and alternative funding sources
  • Prior-authorization assistance
  • Appeals assistance program
  • Insurance verifications
  • Account follow up to track trends
  • Case-specific solutions
  • Tracking of payer coverage restrictions
  • Handle calls to increase patient’s compliance with treatment protocols or to monitor product safely
  • Sales force education
  • Reporting-weekly, monthly based on client requirements

Other Services

  • Provide Company – approved potential coding information to callers, including facilities and physician offices
  • Provide Company – approved billing information to callers, including facilities and physician offices
  • Triage inquiries for clinical information, product issues, or pricing questions to Company reimbursement staff
  • Distribute updated and approved coding sheets and billing guide information to health care providers
  • Educate accounts about HIPAA requirements and provide Patient Authorization Forms when appropriate
  • Educate accounts about Letters of Medical Necessity (LMNs) and provide guidance for its completion by the physician
  • Provide payer packages for claims submission

We integrate our reimbursement hotline services with payer advocacy and client initiatives.

The GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™ and Consulting Services Integration

The GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™ is more than just a customer service forum. Our reimbursement specialists educate and support accounts to submit clean claims, appeal denials, and conduct prior authorizations.  They also coordinate the reimbursement hotline work with our Payer Advocacy Compass™ (PAC) team by integrating reimbursement support at the account and patient level to payer coverage initiatives at a higher, macro level.  Our InContact Reimbursement Hotline™ provides executive reports to our clients that serve as a window to the sales force and customer experiences. We also educate the sales force and accounts with Billing Guides and integrate any additional initiatives launched by our clients for a seamless, cohesive, patient-centered reimbursement process.


Need Assistance? Let us match your needs to our reimbursement services.

Why Hire the GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™


Extensive Experience with Medical Devices, Drugs and Biologics

The GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™ staff and consultants understand the complexities of payer reimbursement of a wide range of medical technologies and use this understanding to support and resolve the reimbursement issues reported regarding the use of your Products on the GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™.


Customized Reimbursement Hotlines

GIRS is recognized as a vendor that can provide customized reimbursement hotline services that meet client and their account needs, as appropriate.


Integrated Reimbursement Hotline Services

The GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™ has over 13 years history of providing services that are integrated with payer advocacy and client sales initiatives. Sajini Thomas, President of GIRS, and her Payer Advocacy Compass™  team are actively engaged in handling current GIRS InContact Reimbursement Hotline™- reported non-coverage and appeals issues with the payers at the national and state levels.

Hotline Testimonials

The fact that there are experts who can provide the appropriate information to our accounts is a true blessing.

“I want to thank GIRS for supporting me to educate an account about the reimbursement specifics for our complex product. I was told in no uncertain terms by the hospitals’ purchasing director that I would not be able to bring the product to their facility due to the potential reimbursement issues with the product. I recommended that the facility call the Reimbursement Help Line that GIRS manages for our product to obtain information on the Medicare coding and billing requirements for our product.

Due to the timely telephone call to the purchasing director with the correct reimbursement information the doctor was allowed to use our products. The doctor has used our product three times at this facility now and absolutely loves the product. I truly believe that without your company’s help we would have been locked out of this hospital. Even as a top producing sales representatives for my company, I know I will never be a reimbursement and coding expert. The fact that there are experts who can provide the appropriate information to our accounts is a true blessing.”

– Sale Representative-Biologics Marketing Company


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